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The Tensormeter RTM1 solves the limitations of 4-wire-measurements by measuring the resistivity tensor.

It makes resistance measurements resilient against geometry changes and provides greater precision.

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Control Unit CU 1

Tensormeter Control Unit CU 1

The Tensormeter Control Unit CU1 is designed for the automated temperature and magnetic field control. It can be used with any external variable temperature insert (temperature sensor and heater) and external magnet set-up (magnetic field sensor and electromagnet).

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Tensormeter Magnetotransport Characterization System TMCS

The TMCS is a complete setup for temperature and magnetic field-dependent sheet and Hall resistance measurements.

In addition to the Tensormeter as a stand-alone device, we provide a fully integrated magneto-transport measuring systems with a rotatable magnetic field <1.3 T and a low-temperature helium-cryostat >20 K. 

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Tensormeter Magnetotransport Measurement Software

The proprietary Tensormeter Magnetotransport Measurement software for Windows PCs combines the control of the ambient parameters temperature and magnetic field (using the Control Unit CU1) with the electric and magnetotransport measurements (using the Tensormeter RTM1).

The software is provided with each device.

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Patented Development

The Tensormeter technology is a patented development of

Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V.

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