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Meet our customers

Dr. Denys Makarov, group leader at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, develops intelligent shapeable magnetoelectronic devices for sensorics applications.

New whitepaper is out

Want to know, how to achieve the best possible resistance measurements? Read our new whitepaper and learn more about noise reduction and device choise.

Sales cooperation with MDC

For our customers throughout Europe Tensormeter is now also available from our distributor MDC Materials Development Corp.

Tensormeter RTM1

A new dimension of resistance measurements

Tensormeter is designed for automated precision measurements of resistance and voltages. It unites the benefits of both Lock-in Amplifiers and Source/Measure Units through an innovative flexible architecture.

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A single device

for a variety of applications.

Materials Research

Magnetic materials

2D materials

Spiontronic materials

Flexible electronics

Device characterization

High stability, no drift, no offset

Faster binning

Tighter specs

Integrated calibration

Unique Measurements

DC and AC simultaneously

van-der-Pauw, zero-offset Hall

Differential and ratiometric

Harmonic distortion

Pulse and measure

Your benefit

Simpler measurements. Better results.


Measure Sheet & Hall resistance at high precision and extremly low noise.


Measure irregularly shaped samples without need for lithographic patterning.


Replace Lock-in Amplifier, Source/ Measure Unit, Digital Multimeter & Analog Matrix Switch.


Save measuring time.

Achieve higher throughput.

Patented Development

The Tensormeter technology is a patented development of

Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V.


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